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How to Make Sure Your Delivery Package deal is Secure

If most likely delivery to Liechtenstein from UK  by courier, either something you've sold or something special for a loved one, you need to ensure it's manufactured appropriately.

Here are the 10 procedure for ensuring your package is sent securely and safely...

1. Make use of the right sized container - if it's too large, it's likely to fail if stacked with another package on top of it; while if it is too small it could break up and the contents could burst out.

2. Top quality packaging - if most likely sending something over a long distance - including overseas - or maybe the items are particularly valuable, you'll need to be sure the packaging is suited to the what most likely sending. Consider strength, cushioning and durability.

3. Corrugated bins - if what most likely sending is valuable, you can't go far completely wrong with corrugated cardboard boxes. Use extra card if you need to reinforce it further and your delivery appear safely at its destination.

4. Shock absorption - in most situations, specifically for breakable objects, make sure the contents are well cushioned with real estate wrap, foam or scrambled newspaper for shock absorbing.

5. Taping up - if what you're mailing is large and will be certainly a risk of the packaging tearing, why not enhance the item with strong tape or strapping over the seams and ends?

6. Fragile items in the middle - when packing, place any valuable items in the center and add cushioning, keeping them away from the sides of the box where damage is more likely.

7. This way up - if the package is safer being kept one way up, make sure everyone who handles it is well aware of that by including a noticeable concept of 'this way up'.

8. Repacking - if you're sending something which already in a package deal, such as a store item, then it could be a good idea to repackage them in a more suitable box. It could even allow you to put more in the package.

9. Liquids and power products - in case you are sending liquids or powders, then you need to be sure the tops of the containers are securely fastened before it's located in a well-packed box. In doing so, you're minimising the chance of leaking and - if that did happen - at least nothing else would be broken.

10. Address - the delivery address needs to be evidently marked on the package. If the shipping service has pre-filled stickers for this or you can write it on yourself. Make sure your articles are legible.

Now you know the basics, is actually time to start packing.

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