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Tips for Selecting ID Card Software

Tips for Selecting ID Card Software

You have made the decision to make ID cards at home. It is becoming more frequent for companies and organizations to take control of the printing needs of ID cards and get an ID card system. Due to technological advancements and better prices for systems, buying a system that is prudent and offers a company with complete control over your card printing needs.

There are a variety of ID card software packages available for designing ID cards. Many packages contain a comprehensive availability database to maintain a listing of printed cards and allow reprints as needed.

When selecting software, it is important to have a handle on answers to the following questions for analysis of best software.

1. Will it be necessary to print on both sides of the card or is a one-sided printing sufficient? Designing a single side card and printing is a much simpler process than printing a two sided card. If a two-sided printing is needed, start researching by looking at the software that accommodates the design and printing of two sides of the card.

2. Do you need a database to save the card support information? If there are only a few people in your organization and it would not be difficult to write information every time you needed a new badge or a reprinted ID card, a database may not be necessary and entry level software may be adequate . Large organizations often want to print reports of printed cards, easily reprint cards and may have specialized uses of information in the database. Advanced ID card software is critical to these needs. Some larger organizations also want to share the database in a network. Special software versions also fit these needs.

3. Is it necessary to encode the card? If the card has a magnetic stripe, it can be filled with information from the holder that may be needed for various applications. Most software is able to encode a magnetic stripe as well as as the printer also has a module to actually encode the card. Other new encoding options include the smart card. Software will need to be able to provide detailed information to encode the card if it intends the printer to encode a smart card as it passes through the print job. Special care needs to be taken to ensure that both the printer and the software are capable of performing the specific encoding required.

Some of the most well-known, quality software developers on the market include Asure ID, Five Card and Jolly software. All these manufacturers have different versions of their software. Some versions are entry-level and provide basic ID credentials that make choices. Other versions are robust and offer a high level output for card printing needs.

Most all quality software manufacturers provide a 30-day trial of their basic software package. This allows potential customers to explore the software's appearance to make sure it is the right package before making a software purchase decision.