Peachtree Carpet Cleaners Provides High Quality Carpet Cleaning Services

Having carpets on your floor can give your home a cozier ambiance, plus it can make your rooms more attractive. However, after some time, carpets can lose their appeal. This can happen if your carpets are not properly cleaned and maintained. Eventually, your carpets will not look the same way as they did the first time. If this happens, you can always seek help from professionals who offer quality carpet cleaning in Newnan, GA. They could give your carpets the service that these deserve so that they can last you for many years while staying vibrant and attractive. There are truly several reasons why carpets should be cleaned by a professional cleaning company. This being said, you can always rely on Peachtree Carpet Cleaners.

Peachtree Carpet Cleaners is a company that is experienced in both residential and commercial cleaning. They specialize in professional water removal and damage restoration, floor cleaning, carpet repairs, and carpet cleaning in Newnan, GA. They are certified, licensed, and bonded to give their customers peace of mind. Their main priority is to provide top notch customer satisfaction, but if for some reason you are not pleased with their services, they would want you to give them the opportunity to redeem themselves.

It is important for you to have professional carpet cleaning done, both for cosmetic and health reasons. Carpets are meant to enhance our living and work spaces; we do not want them looking dingy, stained, and perhaps have any embarrassing odor. Dirty carpets can become infested with bacteria, fungi, and allergens that can potentially pose danger to your health. The staff at Peachtree Carpet Cleaners is knowledgeable with all types of carpets. They are responsible cleaning technicians who will make use of safe cleaning products. They listen to your needs and concerns, and develop a plan to provide you with the best services to complete the job. 

Once you call up their cleaning technicians, they will arrive at your home for a pre-inspection to identify all of the problematic areas. Then they will follow a set of six steps in order to get the job done properly. First, they will focus on the areas that need the most attention which is usually the areas that are exposed to heavy traffic. Second, a special cleaning solution will be used to remove any dirt or bacteria found in your carpets. Third, for the dirtier areas, they will shake the carpets to loosen up any dirt. After, they will use a concentrated cleaning solution and extractor to rinse and remove deep seated dirt, leaving your carpets as clean as possible. Next, they will let your carpets dry completely before they apply carpet deodorizer. And lastly, they will make sure that the job is completed to your satisfaction before they leave the premises. 

There are plenty of reasons why you should choose Peachtree Carpet Cleaners. With their great communication skills, they will sit down to work with you and build a cleaning plan that is tailored to meet your needs and fit your budget. Not only is their staff experienced and trained to provide the highest quality cleaning services, but they are also very courteous and respectful. They give their customers the freedom to choose how often they should come in, and they will do their best to match your schedule and daily routine. No matter what reason you choose to hire them, their passion is to bring each and every one of their customers a clean and fresh environment. 

Their team makes use of the hot water extraction method and utilizes portable and truck mounted equipment, as well as safe chemical products. They will ensure that every part of your carpet will be spotless. The process takes around 4-6 hours to complete. They recommend that you get your carpets cleaned at least once every 4-6 months. Or if it is needed, they can come in more often to give your carpet some needed cleaning or maintenance. 

Cleaning is a very personal service which is why they make every effort to send the same staff to your home each time. After some time, they will get to know your home and preferences so that they can continually improve on their carpet cleaning in Newnan, GA. You can give them a call and let them know exactly what you need. That way, they can give you an estimate right then and there. Contact them at 678-710-8399, or email them at