How to: make buyers fall in love with your house

An emotional connection to a home is a powerful thing. Buyers who fall in love with a house are more likely to forgive the little things that may have ordinarily held them back, like a longer commute to work or a smaller backyard. That’s why you can really help a sale by doing everything you can to create that spark. Read on for our tips!

Letting go

Arguably, one of the most important things you can do as a seller is to begin to think of it as a house and no longer your ‘home’.

So, take off those rose-coloured glasses, and think about your home from a buyer’s perspective. Is the décor outdated? Do the carpets need a professional clean? How about the garden? Remember, a buyer is coming into your house with a critical eye, and no one wants to spend their money on property that doesn’t hit the mark.

Not only that, if all buyers see when they enter the property are pictures of your family, or sporting trophies from years ago, then they’re going to feel slightly uncomfortable trying to inspect a property with so many reminders of the previous owners – so it’s best to start the packing early and make the property less personal.

The less reminders of you dotted around the place, the easier it will be for the potential new owners to envisage their belongings and family in the house.

Base your home styling on your target market

Not only are buyers looking for a home, they’re also looking for a lifestyle. It’s a great idea to base the styling of your property on the particular lifestyle wants and needs of your target market.

For instance, if you’re in a school zone, you may be appealing to families. If this is the case, add a desk into a kid’s bedroom to show how the space is intended to be used.

Similarly, if your house can appeal to the kids’ sense of wonderment and delight, then you might be onto a winner. So, play up features like a pool, cubby house, games room or anything that will appeal to the kids.

Style without over styling

Buyers love and appreciate good styling, but they have a sixth sense when something appears contrived. A bunch of fresh flowers that complement the décor is a great start to add some classic styling without going over the top. If you present the home as stylish, functional and welcoming, then you can help encourage an emotional connection from buyers.

Stay away from setting the dining room table with all the bells and whistles, or laying out cheese and wine on the kitchen bench.

Professional photography

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so beautiful imagery is a real selling tool as most people connect better with a property and its lifestyle through visuals. Don’t cut corners here; only use high quality, professionally-shot photographs of the property that will showcase what it offers to prospective buyers.

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