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How Chatbot and A.I. will change the future Mar 20, 2017 08:40 AM

There was an interview recently held between Pentoz and Botanalytics Company on Chabot. “How would A.I and chatbot influence the future” was the question asked by Premayogan, the CEO of Pentoz. In response to this question, Ilker Kokser the co-founder at Botanalytics said chatbots and A.I in the past one year have experienced accelerated trends, with people now beginning to use chatbot in ordering pizza, see financial transaction, call a cab and so on.

The revolution of bot is still in the early stages, but it is already commanding a growing interest among businesses and consumers alike. What chatbot is currently is what websites were 20 years ago. Various disciplinary fields about websites such as usability, UX, development, events, testing, bot analytics, organic discovery, search optimization, ads, and so on will spring up for chatbot and there will be more jobs created for chabot optimizations.

The introduction of A.I and chatbot has made both consumers, businesses and the internet world in general to be very enthusiastic about the future and by 2020, it is estimated that A.I’s greatest innovation will be in demand, be it marketing or customer service.

As industries start acquiring a better understanding about how to apply A.I to their business, they will acknowledge the significant influence of this revolutionary force. In Japan for instance, a Japanese insurance company is replacing 34 workers with artificial intelligence said Ilker Kokser.

The A.I will be used to Scan hospital records and other documents to determine factoring injuries, insurance payouts, patient medical histories, and procedures administered. This will aid the remaining human workers of the company in processing the final payout faster. So within the next few years, we’ll see this kind of news more often. Eventually, A.I and chatbot will be a reality and not just a mere fantasy.

To get to that point, there need to be a great level of publicity to create and increase awareness among the general public. The idea to “reach out through conversations”, is luckily the driving force behind the use of chatbot. That’s why chatbot will become more and more common to use in the future.

The revolution of Chatbot and A.I hopefully will help lots of persons rather than replace them. With this revolution comes the hope of Smart homes, personal assistants, driverless cars… People should look forward to the future with excitement with all these technological revolution.

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