Personify Health

Personify Health hopes to humanize, restore culture of “heads-up” healthcare

Wilmington-based healthcare brand and message company employs proven healthcare communications strategies to change face of patient-provider relationship

WILMINGTON - Today’s patients want to be heard, understood and feel genuinely cared for. But they’re not, according to one study that finds more than 80% of consumers are unsatisfied with their healthcare experience. From time-spent-with-patient to medical billing issues, today’s doctor’s office or hospital visits seem less refuges of healing and more lairs of liability.

Personify Health, recently launched under the Bon’s Eye Marketing banner, envisions a “heads-up” culture of healthcare by working with regional and national practices to bridge the gap in patient-provider communications and improve the patient experience.

So what’s changed since the days of house calls, when the patient-provider relationship was as much about communication, trust and transparency as it was a prescription?

With the advent of technologies like the internet, healthcare has transformed at the speed of light. Unfortunately, most patients have not, leaving many feeling increasingly alienated by a culture of “heads-down” healthcare. In short, healthcare no longer feels human.

The Story

Using carefully scripted narratives and cinematic video techniques, Personify Health humanizes healthcare providers by featuring them beyond the white coat in various activities that personify their true nature. From these one-to-two minute videos, current and prospective patients learn about their providers, their compatibility with them, and their philosophy of care. Personify Health also uses a wide variety of other more traditional healthcare communications tools to bridge the patient-provider gap and optimize patient experience.

Help Bridge the Gap

Healthcare is a human business, where everyone’s a consumer. This piece would make a great story for a health and medicine segment.

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