How to quickly potty train your pup

Your approach is the most important thing when it comes to puppy potty training. Based on it, the entire process will be quicker or longer. In fact, if you don’t know what you’re doing it can even have a negative effect completely alienating you from your pet.

This is why new owners have to inform themselves before taking any steps.

Although it may seem as an easy process, there are numerous things that can go wrong.

Fast tips and tricks

Dogs are a lot like us when it comes to relieving themselves.

Main difference is that their organisms are smaller and they cannot keep it inside for such a long period of time. This is why dog owner has to react quickly. In fact, he/she needs to react preemptively.

We turned for some advice to the puppy trainers from are some tips they promised will help you with that.

1. Dog need to go out several times a day. This will usually be early in the morning, late in the evening and after meals. Of course, your dog may feel the need to go out and urinate a few more times during the day.

2. Smaller dog = smaller bladder. Having that in mind, you can expect much more accidents with a smaller breed. However, given that most dogs are rather similar when small, first few months they will all be hard to control. In addition to that they of course do not have the necessary training.

3. Be preemptive. As soon as you wake up, put on your clothes and go out. Do not wait for dog to burst or start running around. Instead, make sure that you’re outside when it needs to go.

4. Puppies have the need to relieve themselves after a big meal. This is usually within first 30 minutes after the meal. Some dogs require more time to digest. Nevertheless, like in the previous tip, make sure you’re outside before that happens. After some time you will get used to its organism and will be able to easily predict timings.

5. Even though your dog might not feel like it, make sure to take it out before it goes to sleep. It is necessary for dog to finish its stuff so it goes to sleep on an empty bladder. This will prevent urination during the night.

6. Be authoritative at all times. Dogs love to play and run around. However, not every walk is for play. Sometimes you will go outside so it can relieve itself. Make sure to create strict boundaries and “explain” to the dog that you’re out just for the basic necessities.

7. Crates are a good method to prolong urination. For example, dogs will never urinate within their own house/kennel. If the dog needs to go out and you’re not ready to go out with it, make sure to put it in the box. This will force the puppy to restrain itself buying you some more time. Otherwise it will simply pee and poo around. But, use this method seldom. Do not make it a habit as the dog needs to learn to relieve itself outside of the house.

8. Never hit your dog or punish it in some other way if it causes an accident. Puppies absorb all the information around them and this can leave a negative effect on their persona.

9. On the other hand, you should praise and cuddle your dog after doing a good job. This will stimulate the same pattern of behavior.

10. Never caress your dog when it needs to relieve itself. Puppies easily get excited and this will make them lose control.

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