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About  |  Pitchengine

We’re a passionate bunch of people who love to invent, challenge and disrupt the status quo. Since 2009, we’ve had a hand in helping thousands of people find better ways to communicate with their customers, followers and communities. Here are some of the products we make:

The original Social Media Release software, Pitchengine has been used by brands like Walmart, Budweiser, Zappos and 50,000 others worldwide to create and share engaging content with journalists, influencers and customers.  Learn more

Tiny Pitch™ is the simplest way to take your PR to the next level. Compose a press release on any device — using just your email — and we'll turn it into an engaging web app for you to share with your contacts and social networks free!.  Learn More

From one city to the next, Pitchengine Communities is reconnecting towns and communities like yours by empowering the people who occupy them. This isn’t your parents’ online newspaper. This is local media rebuilt from the ground up. Watch Video

What they're saying.

"...craft and push out beautiful, multimedia rich stories built specifically for communities."  Read more

"...a social platform that streamlines the way businesses create and share press releases." Read more

"Tiny Pitch: An easy way to send simple, good-looking press releases to journalists." Read more

Who we are.

Pitchengine is a new media and marketing software company whose products are used by more than 50,000 brands and small businesses worldwide. Best known for easy-to-use marketing software, Pitchengine is used by the world's largest brands including Walmart, Pepsico, Budweiser and more.

Founded in 2009 by Jason Kintzler, a former anchorman turned PR pro, Pitchengine was first created as an alternative to the traditional press release and push-distribution process. Instead of sending documents via email or news wires, for the first time, PR pros could easily package-up their own branded content into a single web page called a “social media release."

Jason has been credited with heralding in a new era of public relations by creating “one of the PR industry’s most transformative innovations.” 

He regularly shares his passion for new media and business by speaking to groups of all sizes at events like SXSW, PRSA and at universities like Stanford, USC and Marquette.  Hire him to speak at your event.

We're everywhere.

Maybe you've seen us on a bucking bull or a race car or maybe tattooed on someone's forearm? How ever you heard about us, we're glad you found us and we'd love for you to join our community! Drop us a line: