Aureus Medical Group talks travel physical therapy and finding the right backpack

Omaha, NE (November 24, 2014) - A backpack and books go together like tests and No. 2 pencils. But as travel physical therapy professionals know, our backs can pay the price for heavy backpacks. Healthcare staffing company, Aureus Medical Group, talks about backpacks and the body and shares tips to prevent back injury.

Every year, millions of children and young adults walk to, from and around school carrying backpacks stuffed with books and materials. Travel PT specialists should encourage parents to be aware of the workload to avoid stressing the back. The heavier the backpack, the higher risk of strain in the back, neck, and shoulders.

What a heavy backpack does to the body
A heavy-weight backpack can pose the following problems, according to Spine-Health:

  • Distortion of the natural curves in the lower and middle backs, resulting in muscle strain and irritation to the spine joints and rib cage.
  • Hunching forward, which reduces balance and raises the risk of falls (especially in the winter with slippery ground).
  • Rounding of the shoulders. This increases incidence of pain between the shoulder blades, and tense muscles are a common trigger of back and neck pain. 
  • Compression fractures in older children, who tend to be more aggressive in their activities.

6 tips to prevent backpack injuries
Check out these ways to avoid injuries caused by a heavy backpack, according to Move Forward PT:

1. Students should be aware of how the backpack is positioned on the back. It should rest evenly in the middle of the back, and straps should not be too loose, as to make the backpack extend below the low back. Wearing only one strap increases the likelihood of back pain.

Read the full article for more tips to prevent backpack injuries.

About Aureus Medical Group:

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