Essential Software To Know In Mechanical Engineering

Engineering design is created in the world’s most powerful machine – the human mind.
It gets documented in the form of a CAD model or a drawing using a CAD package.

Have a look at the complete article to get the list of most essential software in Mechanical Engineering

1. AutoCAD ( A fundamental CAD software for drafting and designing purpose)
2. Pro/Engineer ( A complete 
3D CAD/CAM/CAE software)
3. C Language (Programming language)
4. ANSYS ( An analysis software)


A drafting software which helps in drawing of 2D objects as well as 3D modelling.

Importance of AutoCAD

Every mechanical student has to do final year project. It includes experimental/fabrication work or theoretical analysis. To complete a project, one need to use at least one software or more.

For experimental purpose, the parts components must be fabricated with required dimensions. So, 2D or 3D drawing/models are required to be made in AutoCAD or in other drafting software. After creation of the sketches, the printout/drawing-sheet of it must be given to the fabricator who will give physical form to the components.

The procedure is same as that performed in any design or manufacturing industries. The design department sends sketches to manufacturing department and there they prepare mechanical components or systems based on it. Hence one should know how to sketch, analyze and prepare drawings in AutoCAD.

Pro/Engineer Capabilities

Pro/Engineer is a complete package of drawing, modeling and analysis. The software package includes 2D drawing, 3D models and assembly. Pro/Engineer also functions like 2D CAD, 3D CAD, customization and other formats.

C Programming Language

For a mechanical student, C language is of great importance since when you learn computational subjects, you need C programming to perform the calculations for solution by numerical methods and most methods in computations are repeated as well as trial and error one.

So, in C programming, one can use loops, functions, decision making, arrays and file management to serve the purpose of solution of the numerical methods used for given problem’s physics. Though many programming languages are there but C is one of best among them.

Finite Element Method (FEA) is one of the numerical methods in science that mostly deal with finding numerical solutions of problems like structural, thermal, fluid or fluid structure interface(FSI). For fluid and thermal problem, software package like FLUENT and GAMBIT are popular. But the latest version of ANSYS includes FLUENT too.
In your early years of your study in graduation in Mechanical, you need to learn these software as soon as possible.

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