Airwheel first wearable equipment, the C5 Intelligent helmet for road safety

For now, the wearable equipment is on a rise. The whole market is full of various wearable equipment. Being a famous intelligent self-balancing scooter, Airwheel also wanted to enter this field. This year, Airwheel set its foot in the field. At the same time, it made a big splash in the 2016 CeBIT, by releasing its first wearable equipment—the smart helmet C5. Airwheel smart helmet C5 integrated the recreational function and the practical function. This integration is unprecedented.

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Airwheel spared no effort in development of the safety measures, from the handlebars to the electronic brake system. This time, Airwheel developed a veritable safety measures. The helmet can effectively protect the rider from the hurt. When the beginner steers Airwheel single-wheeled intelligent scooter, he has a way of falling off the scooter. The frequent falling off will put a dent in their confidence because the falling might cause hurt. With Airwheel C5, there is no need for them to worry about the hurt caused by falling. Airwheel intelligent helmet C5 helps restore their confidence. Just because of Airwheel C5, many beginners regained the confidence of riding Airwheel electric self-balancing scooters. Therefore it made a great contribution to expanding the customer base.

If it sets out to win over the young, the safety protection is not enough. The current people prefer recreational function in the electronics. Airwheel adds the Bluetooth to Airwheel smart helmet C5. The Bluetooth enables the rider to answer a call without whipping out his phone. He merely needs to press a button on the helmet to answer the call.

In addition, Airwheel C5 intelligent helmet offers the function to play music. The rider could steer Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter as he listens to the music. What’s more, the rider can use Airwheel C5 to take selfie of the surrounding views. That can be said that Airwheel C5 serves as a device for socialisation.

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