High designation and manufacturing standards for FUTONG metal stampings

China - Network server cabinet from FUTONG Metal, which is China leading metal stamping products manufacturer, already reached great sales achievements in this year's plan. The mainly reason for the hot selling of their network server cabinet should be the high level precision stamping technology and products. Their engineer established a set of strictly designation standards for their metal stamping parts will be used for producing their related products such as computer cabinet and metal chassis.

FUTONG¡¯s standards for designing and manufacturing their high quality metal stamping parts are following factors.

First, the designed precision metal stamping parts must meet using and technical performance of the final products such as metal chassis and network server cabinets. Furthermore, these stampings should also facilitate the following assembly and repairing. This point could be directly reflected on the assembly of network server cabinet produced by FUTONG.

Secondly, the precision metal sheeting and stamping parts must be conducive to improve the utilization rate of the metallic material and reduce the variety and number of materials¡¯ specifications, which could largely minimize the consumption of metallic and non-metallic materials. In permitting situation, factory should make the full use of inexpensive materials and try their best to achieving the goal of no waste and less waste blanking. However, as the importance of the reducing for the material wasting, the talented engineers from FUTONG have already completed a series of special and effective methods for this.

Another standard of FUTONG Metal is that the stampings must have simple shape and reasonable deep drawing structure which could help simplify mold structure and process of workmanship. That is to say the designation must help the factory finished the stamping parts with the least and easiest stamping process. This standard could largely facility the stamping operation and good to the organization of mechanization and automation production.

The designed stampings should not only guarantee the normal using in ordinary situation but also have suitable dimensional accuracy and surface smoothly level which could facilitate the exchange of products, waste reducing and the ensuring for products¡¯ quality and stability.

The last standard of FUTONG Metal for their manufacturer of precision metal stamping products is that it should contribute to the using of existing equipment, process equipment and workmanship as much as possible. Furthermore, the stamping product needs to be conducive to the extending for the service life of die.

From the knowing about above points, people could get the information that the products from FUTONG Metal has excellent guarantee in the process of designation, manufacturing and others. And, if people want to order their high quality products such as network server cabinet, please visit website


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