The History of Tulips in Holland

Originally grown and cultivated in the Ottoman Empire, tulips have found their way into the heart of Europe. Not only are they beautiful to look at, the flowers also boast a rich and colorful history. One of the best ways to soak up the splendid blend of scenery and history is to embark on a European river cruise.  

Imported into Holland during the sixteenth century, tulips were made famous in 1592 after the publication of a book by Carolus Clusius publicized his observations on the flowers. After the book was published, the demand for tulips grew, and this growth was later intensified by the growth of the Dutch Golden Age. It was during this time that the vibrant flower created an economic bulge dubbed “Tulip Mania”. This craze continued into a phase when bulbs were used as currency and were also priced excessively, which ultimately caused the market to crash.

After years of trade, Holland is recognized as the largest international distributer of tulips and is affectionately labelled as ‘the flower shop of the world’. This economic success has also turned into a major tourist attraction that welcomes thousands of visitors every year. The love of tulips has spread all over the world with festivals and shows hosted in a variety of countries.

Across Holland, lush, colorful fields cover large sections of agricultural land, creating a magnificent scene in which tourists can wander and delight in the beauty. River cruise vacations offer visitors the platform in which to discover the beauty and history of the Dutch waterways. It offers tourists the opportunity to explore the lush green countryside and explore the historic windmills of Holland. If a tour through the tulip fields is something that interests you, there are two attractions that cannot be missed. They are:

Keukenhof Gardens

In celebration of the tulip’s history, the Dutch created a garden dedicated to the bulb . Located in the south of Holland, in Lisse, these gardens truly look like something out of a fairy-tale. A vibrant showcase of seven million blooming bulbs can often render visitors speechless. From perfectly styled flower beds to opulent floral displays, Keukenhof boasts one of the most beautiful exhibitions in the world. Open for a mere two months a year, from March to May, the gardens are a must-see!

Farmers' Fields

If you have the time and if it is included in the itinerary of your European river cruise, the Farmers’ Fields are not to be missed. Explore the fields of tulips that are grown for both the cut-flower and the bulb industry. Idyllic, peaceful, and a treat for the eyes, these fields are ideal if you’re looking to embrace and indulge in the beauty of the Dutch landscape.

If you’re looking for a unique adventure, the beauty and splendor of the landscape is a sight that you should forever feature in your photo album. Opt for river cruise vacations for an unforgettable experience. Explore the landscape, absorb the history, and indulge in the once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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