Necromatograph Offers a Collection of Horrific Stories

Get an inside look at Necromatograph, a terrifying collection of short stories.

Chesapeake, VA – 17-06-2014 - What is it that is so appealing about horror? For centuries horror has delighted people, whether in written word, in plays or in movie form. Like riding a roller coaster, the horror genre keeps people on the edge of their seats. There is something comforting about feeling the exhilaration of being chased by an ax wielding serial killer or hideously deformed monster while in the comfort and safety of their own home.

Those of them who truly enjoy horror will be interested to know that there is a new book coming out, filled with some truly impressive short stories. These terrifying tales are guaranteed to horrify and delight. What Miskatonic Press has done is gather a collection of talented authors and group them together in to one amazing book. Whether one love slasher and serial killer stories, zombies, demons and even psychological horror, this is a book one will not want to miss.

Michael Porter, Editor and chief of Miskatonic Press is holding a crowd fund at Indiegogo. They are looking to raise $10,000 in order to finish the production of this book. Individuals who are looking to support them can donate as much money as they wish. One will also be happy to know that, depending on how much they donate, they can get some pretty impressive perks.

Get A Sneak Peek

Starting at just $1, the first perk is a text only PDF version of Necromatograph. Be one of the first to get your hands on a digital copy of this collection of horror stories, all for just a buck!

If one would rather see the illustrations that go along with each story, donate $5. A $5 donation will get them a digital copy, with exclusive illustrations, of the new horror book.

A $10 donation will get one their digital copy of Necromatograph along with a Necromatograph bookmark and signed concept art created by Michael Porter.

The Paperback Edition

For $20 they will send a limited edition trade paperback. This book will have art and illustration that will not be included in the market version of the book. One can also save $5 and get two trade paperback books for only $35. Keep in mind that there will be only 200 copies of these books made.

The Limited Edition Hardcover

$60 will get one a hardcover edition of Necromatograph. This book will not only have illustrations that will never be sold in the retail copies but it will also be signed by Michael Porter, Shawn Clay and several of the other authors. They are only making 60 of these.

The Dark Lumiere

Be one of 30 people who will own The Dark Lumiere edition of the book. This limited edition hardcover book will come with special Necromatograph artwork prints which will be signed by the artist, 2 special edition trade paperback books, a Necromatograph bookmark and it will of course be signed by many of the authors. This perk can be purchased for the low price of $100.

The Book Of Darkness

Last but not least, those of who are looking for a rare gem can purchase the ultimate copy of the Necromatograph called the Book of Darkness. This leather bound book comes with exclusive artwork and will be signed by all the editors. There are only going to be 10 of these books printed. One can purchase one for only $200.

No matter which perk one choose, one thing is for sure... Any true fan of horror will not want to miss the premier of the Necromatograph!

About Necromatograph
Necromatograph anthology blends many themes of horror together into a colorful and hopefully entertaining tapestry.

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