More Than Just a Browser Game: The Latest Happy Wheels News

There has been many unusual additions to the Happy-Wheels character roster, including Pogo Stick Man, Irresponsible Mom, Explorer Guy or Mine Cart Guy (might as well be called Indiana Jones), and Helicopter Man, who is an obese man riding on his own personal helicopter. With that in mind, one can safely say the following: Here's the latest news concerning Happy Wheels. In 2014, it remains a fun game four years later. “Sure, it attempts to push the boundaries with Helicopter Man having a magnet you can turn on and off with the space bar and control with Ctrl and Shift, but the game play remains relatively the same,” said Andrew James, who’s still in the process of learning the game.

In short, the devs behind Happy-Wheels has opted for the "More of the Same, but Better" approach to gaming made infamous by Capcom and its millions of iterations of Street Fighter, Mega Man, and whatever series it may have. However, one gander at the game itself (that you can avail of at, and you can see this isn't necessarily a bad thing. The variety in Happy Wheels comes more from the ways you can torture your characters and the endless array of user-generated levels being submitted every single day. User-generated content is the wave of the future when it comes to the Internet, as evidenced by YouTube emerging to the top thanks to the support and material of its own user base.