Are you finding a perfect supplementary solution for high resolution or an external USB to DVI video card solution? Then you must have a look on Liztek HDMI graphics adapter card which serves the perfect multi monitor solution and highly recommended for easy and portable requirement. There are multiple requirements when you come to view and share videos, pictures and other visual media at multiple screens.

Thus Liztek has provided such a unique featured device, HDMI graphic adapter card which allows serving the best interface on the screens with best quality pictures videos and visual media. The most beneficial part being the Liztek HDMI graphic adapter card support and is compatible with most of the operating systems like windows 8.1, windows 8, windows 7 (both 64 and 32 bit), windows SP2 etc.

The HDMI graphic adapter card provides the highest USB graphics performance on both USB 3.0 as well as USB 2.0 with high connectivity speed of around 5 Gbps and 480 Mbps respectively. The device promotes high definition resolution up to 2048*1152, supports GPU acceleration by using you system. Not only this, the USB adopter card allows you to connect three or more monitors to your operating systems with 1 adapter card requirement for each monitor.

The HDMI adapter card easily gets connected with the monitor and projector to output the high quality definition material in cheap and affordable prices which allows you to maximize your productivity. The device is highly recommended for home as well as official purposes that supports the most of the operating system.

The device serves best for plug and play idea with easy connectivity and highly recommended for web based application. The adapter card allows the user to enjoy the high definition and high caliber output of videos, pictures and other visual media. Many users have highly recommended the product that served with great results. The device comes with a driver disk but being a friendly interfaced device, usually the operating systems automatically installs the driver and makes it ready to use in by just plug and play easy steps.