Bearing heating device selection requirements to the environment

Four-point contact ball bearings in the process of heating device should pay attention to the following:

A measure of the heating to master inappropriate, excessive temperature four-point contact ball bearings can damage, low temperature through the ring shrinkage, no obvious effectiveness. 80 ~ 1000 ℃ heating measure thermal shrinkage in the diameter of an inner ring, this regarding the amount of the deposit is normal interference four-point contact ball bearings, was once a surplus.

Once arrived at the requested heat measure, must stop device as soon as possible, lest device hard frozen to attack.

Four-point contact Series Of FAG 6202 Bearing are when it freezes are amplitude position also have expansion, to impose when thus device coupled to the inner ring to the shoulder pressure, pressure and try to a very thin feeler is freezes for evaluation, whether is inner ring gap between end face and shoulder sprung up.

1, use parts: four-point contact ball bearings is suitable for predominantly radial load under the combination of radial and axial load, usually used in two sets of bearing pairs, mainly should be in the car before and after the wheel hub, active transmission parts, such as bevel gear, differential, reducer.

2, allows speed: under the correct installation, lubrication good environment, allowing for the four-point contact ball wheel bearing limit speed of 0.3 to 0.5 times. Under normal circumstances, to 0.2 times the speed limit is most appropriate.

3, allows tilt Angle: four-point contact ball bearings generally are not allowed to have tilted axis relative to the shell hole, if there are any tilt, no more than 2 '.

4, allow temperature: under normal load, and lubricant has a high temperature resistant performance, and abundant lubrication conditions, general four-point contact ball bearings allow - 30 ℃ to 150 ℃ ambient temperature.

In the process of using the four-point contact ball bearings should pay attention to above points, so as not to give a four-point contact ball bearings because of improper use damage, affecting the service life and performance.