Recent Research Has Identified the Connection Between Infertility and Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is nowadays associated with a number of other diseases and health disorders, which are diagnosed in thousands of men across the globe. Recent research conducted in China has identified the correlation between this sexual disorder and infertility. The results of the research have recently been provided by the experts working for Kamagra Kaufensie to make family couples aware of the importance of timely diagnostics and treatment of the disease.

Kamagra Kaufensie is a Germany-based provider of high quality products aimed at the effective treatment of erectile dysfunction in men of different age groups. Apart from offering the best treatment options like Kamagra Bestellen , for example, they also focus on the factors that cause the sexual disorder. As far as the disease has previously been associated with senior men, its link to infertility was not thoroughly explored before. Nowadays, however, statistics shows that this sexual disorder is becoming more widespread among younger men, who wish to create strong and happy families. Many of them, however, fail to do that because of health problems. According to the opinion of specialists, erectile dysfunction may be one of the health conditions to trigger such a frustrating result.

Experts conducting the research in China as well as specialist working for Kamagra Kaufensie have come to the only conclusion. They are sure that erectile dysfunction itself may not trigger as many infertility cases. The major factor to be blamed here is the psychological and emotional condition of men, who suffer from this disease. This is what the experts tell about the results of the research: “Several studies have explored the potential link between sexual and psychological problems in infertile men. While associations between ED and psychological distress have been shown, a better understanding of these associations could help clinicians who treat sexual dysfunction and infertility.”

According to the research, the prevailing amount of infertile men were diagnosed with different sexual disorders, including erectile dysfunction. Almost all of them reported the development of depression and the feeling of anxiety associated with the disease. About 38% of men, who took part in the research, were diagnosed with anxiety, while about 15% of men suffered from depression. These emotional factors and their connection with the relationships between the partners contributed to the inability to conceive a child.

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