Quest University Canada Partners with Akwanya, to bring African Students to Canada

SQUAMISH, BRITISH COLUMBIA, March 31, 2015 – Quest University Canada has partnered with Akwanya, a program supported by the Mastercard Foundation and designed to provide talented African students with financial, academic and mentoring support. Quest University is the only university in Canada to participate in this innovative program that creates opportunities for African students to study at universities across North America, Europe and Africa and then return to make a difference in their home communities.

Akwanya translates as “a path towards opportunity.” Student’s selected for the program have demonstrated a desire to lead change. They’re young people with leadership potential who aim to improve the lives of others in Africa. Akwanya has taken a new holistic approach to scholarships and allows these youth to surmount educational barriers.

“Africa will play an increasingly pivotal role in this globalized century,” says David Helfand, President and Vice Chancellor of Quest University Canada. “The unique perspectives these students bring to our seminar-style classrooms are invaluable as part of our effort to graduate global citizens prepared for the challenges and the opportunities of the new millennium.”

Quest University and the World MasterCard Foundation have collaborated to cover all tuition and living expenses throughout the students’ time abroad. Students receive ongoing guidance and support, including application assistance, mentorship, career counseling, leadership development and other life skills.

Some of the students currently enrolled at Quest University as part of Akwanya include: 

Ms. Arlette Akingeneye, Rwanda

Artlette completed her high school education followed by enrollment in the Bridge2Rwanda Scholars program where she focused her studies on chemistry, math and biology. Arlette hopes to build her medical knowledge at Quest so that she can bring a positive impact to her home community.

Mr. Carlos Kagame, Rwanda

Carlos grew up in Kigali the capital city of Rwanda where he aspired to make a difference for those with a financial disadvantage. He is hoping to form an organization that focuses on creating jobs for those who are financially and academically deprived. Before Carlos journeyed to Quest, he was working in local orphanages tutoring and managing their funds. Carlos enjoys volunteering and has continued to do so by working at the Squamish Food Bank.

Ms. Herieth Ringo, Arusha Tanzania

Herieth Ringo is pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts and Sciences at Quest University. She is passionate about improving health services in developing countries -- specifically those who are affected by infectious diseases. Herieth is a public figure in her hometown where she has led workshops that share her story of participating in a Youth Leadership Program in the US. She strives to empower her peers in joining the movement and stays committed to making a change in her community.

The Akwayna Scholars program allows Quest to bring eight outstanding students from all corners of the continent to pursue their degrees. Graduates of the Akwayna scholarship have formed organizations that are currently improving education, preventing violence and attacking illness in the African continent. For more information about Akwanya, visit

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