Mudhoneyz Studio 2nd Highest Funded Pottery Kickstarter With 2 Weeks Remaining

Weaverville, NC - August 2015 - Women-owned and operated Mudhoneyz Studio launched a 30-day Kickstarter campaign on August 11, with a goal of raising $15,000 to build a wood and gas fueled kiln at their pottery studio in Weaverville, NC. They reached this initial goal within the first week and quickly became the second most funded pottery campaign ever on the crowdfunding website. The Mudhoneyz have now added stretch goals to help procure sustainable studio additions and equipment needed to assist in the wood preparation for kiln firings.


The Mudhoneyz have spent the last year building their studio together. They did everything from laying the foundation to raising the walls to hanging the doors. The Kickstarter funds will help launch the women into 2016 with a completely finished studio, and enable the local pottery community to join in on firings via kiln shares and kiln firing workshops.


The campaign features over 13 donation tiers, each with a handmade reward. Rewards range from postcards, to dinnerware sets, to a 5’x4’ handcrafted mosaic installation--a homage to the mosaic walls surrounding the pottery studios’ entryway, which were created by co-owner Molly Walter using recycled pottery shards. New rewards are added to the campaign weekly.


The decision to use Kickstarter was a strategic one, with Asheville’s average Kickstarter success rate of 45% exceeding the worldwide average of successfully funded campaigns at 39.6% (reported on Asheville's Kickstarter Report Card by Kat McReynolds, April 22, 2015).


“Some days we still stop and remind ourselves that this is where we’re going to make pots--because it’s already something that is so much bigger than the home for our business,” said Mudhoneyz Studio co-owner LeElaine Comer. “It’s hallowed ground, a gathering place for friends and family, a place where people come to be together, to work tirelessly and laugh tirelessly, and eat good food, and share in the experience of helping others see what is possible.”


Follow the progress of the Mudhoneyz through their website, on Instagram @Mudhoneyz, Facebook at and to donate to their campaign visit