Ergonomic Keyhole Saw from GTPRo

GTPro offers the ease of creating keyholes with the ergonomic keyhole saw as part of its line of top quality cutting tools. The company enforces the strictest quality standards for all their products.

[THOMASTOWN, June 5, 2014] – GTPro, a high quality tool retailer, provides customers with the ease of creating keyholes with the ergonomic keyhole saw. The company enforces the strictest quality standards for all of their products, and give their customers only reliable tools.

The Better Saw

The ergonomic keyhole saw is a top of the shelf tool with a host of features and benefits. The saw has hardened teeth and a triple edge grinding tip that cuts forwards and backwards through the toughest timber.

The sharpened triple edge tip is special because it allows customers an easier initial jab on the surface they are working on, coupled with the ergonomic rubber grip; the tool gives customers an easier working experience.

The sharpened triple edge tip also has an added effect of acting as a drill when the blade twists, a function single tip blades cannot do. GTPro officially describes the ergonomic keyhole saw as a 150mm professional saw.

Quality Cutters

GTPro also provides other cutting instruments to complete its line of trade quality products that cover every job requirement. The company emphasises the importance of quality control for all of its products, from the smallest implements to the largest power tools.

All of the company’s blades are made by Sterling in Sheffield, England, out of a high carbon alloy steel precision ground and sharpened to a razor edge. The composition of the blades provides customers with maximum sharpness and durability.

GTPro sells the blades in hard plastic cases with the purpose of protecting the product from wear and tear, as well as preventing an unnecessary waste of blades. The 10 and 100pk hard plastic bulk cases are ideal for longer storage periods, and include helpful dispensing arms for safer blade presentation.

About GTPro

GTPro’s strict standard in quality control allows the company to provide some of the best tools in the industry. Their insistence on constantly pushing the technology of their products, whether thesoft grip handles or easy dispensaries, give the company an all-important edge over the competition.

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