Living La Vida Spanglish, The New Power Packed Novel Of Maria E. Pinto Excites The Readers


St. Sarasota, FL (June 12, 2014) – Demand for good books and novels, are always found among the readers. Arrival of new novel, with a great plot tends to attract their minds. Considering this, promising author, Maria E. Pinto has come up with her all new creation, Living La Vida Spanglish.

Maria is known to be an exceedingly talented author. Her readers believe that, she understands the nature of the delicate human emotions very well and that gets reflected in her work. Living La Vida Spanglish, the new work of the talented author is actually a book of romance. A friend associate of the author comments, “The enriching quality of Maria impresses all her readers. I have personally met many of the readers, who are excited about Living La Vida Spanglish.”

Living La Vida Spanglish is a perfect embodiment of a power packed novel. Readers can find incredible drama, from this novel. Readers, who are fond of reading romance, would find the best piece of it from this wonderful novel of Maria. The novel also highlights the thrill of adventure, to enhance the plot of the story. There are short stories of full on drama and imaginative corruption, in the novel. The story about engrossing the Latino immigrants in United States is definitely going to capture the reader’s mind. Readers get to experience every amazing aspect of expatriate life, through this creation.

The gifted author takes readers to the journey of getting introduced to some of the most fascinating characters. This novel is about their experiences. The short stories of the novel have the power of both breaking and warming the hearts of the readers.  The author says, “Writing this book has been very rewarding for me, because of its content in general, but mainly because it describes what so many people go through every day.”

Readers are found to be thrilled with the storyline and concept of this amazing book. One of the regular readers of the author comments, “I love reading pieces of romance. Reading adventure books is my passion as well. I think this novel would be able to provide me the taste of both. I have read another piece of this gifted author. I loved her free flowing language to the core. I am sure that, she has done an excellent job, by coming up with this novel. I have spoken about this book to my friends as well, who are fond of reading. I am going to collect my copy shortly.”

Living La Vida Spanglish is a new novel. This is written by Maria E. Pinto. For more details please visit

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