Give your Child the Best Pre-School Education Learning at Chantel’s Kindergarten

Chantel’s Kindergarten has introduced itself with an aim of offering the best pre-school education learning to children aging between 0-6 years, so that children can simultaneously learn and grow. We know that each child has their own learning ability and that’s why; we treat them as an individual player. We provide an environment where curriculum is designed as per the children’s interests, ideas, cultures and abilities. At Chantel’s Kindy, we customized our learning programs to improve their area of knowledge and enhance their skill set. Our team of trained staff works together to provide hands on learning experience that allows children to think uniquely and creatively. This approach helps us to capture the interests of children, which is quite important for their growth in our child care centre.

We design a curriculum that helps children to explore all their areas, such as, Physical Skills, Language, Cognitive Skills and Social Skills. Our education program also includes other fun activities for art & craft, literacy learning, mathematical concepts, music, play and movement. We encourage children to take part in extra-curricular activities and learning skills, such as, Numbers, Colors, and Shapes etc. At Chantel’s Kindergarten, our curriculum revolves around the children! We also include parent’s involvement for the optimum growth of children, take their feedback and encourage their participation. Not only this, fresh meals and nutrition is also provided for the healthy growth of our children. All in all, we want children to explore maximum growth opportunities, for their further skill development. If you are looking for the same experience for your child, please make a visit to us at

About Chantel’s Kindergarten:

Chantel’s Kindergarten is an Australia based child care centre that mainly focuses on children growth in a healthy manner. We cater the needs of children and families coming from different background and provide them an environment where they feel like sitting at their own home. We encourage children to engage in a number of fun activities and experience literature learning.