New York indie rockers Rony's Insomnia Announce 'Count to Ten' European tour

Los Angeles, CA - January 5, 2015 - New York alternative rock band Rony’s Insomnia recently kicked off their Europe tour in support of the newly released album, “Count To Ten.” Led by front woman and guitarist Rony Corcos, the band will tour Europe through the first week in February with stops in Reykjavik (Iceland), London, Berlin, Paris, Barcelona and Tel Aviv. Known for the eclectic mix of emotionally themed ballads and acoustic rock, Rony’s Insomnia is performing several songs from the album including their first single, “Seven Minutes.”

Consisting of band members: Rony Corcos (vocals/guitar), John Naeder (guitar/keyboard), Jordan Lipp (drums) and Yvans Jean-Michel (bass); Rony's Insomnia has played several festival and venues in the New York area and have garnered a loyal audience throughout the city. Written and composed by Rony, "Seven Minutes," is a mesmerizing tune that balance's her broad vocal range and illuminates her musical talent. The official "Seven Minutes" music video is available on Youtube at:

About Rony’s Insomnia
Rony's Insomnia is a New York based rock band led by Israeli artist and front woman Rony Corcos (Singer-Songwriter, Lead Guitarist and Producer). The band includes John Naeder (Guitar and Keys), Jordan Lipp (Drums) and Yvans Jean-Michel (Bass). Rony's music was said to be emotional, intelligent, cinematic and epic. In her songs, Rony combines elements from her origins (Israel), from her Rock&Roll core and from years of playing Jazz and Blues professionally. Being a pioneer in today's lead female guitarist movement, a virtuoso on the Electric Guitar and voice and equipped with an incredibly talented group of musicians - Rony's Insomnia is a must see performance. 

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