Strategic Google-friendly SEO from NU Studio

[PERTH, March 25, 2014] – Nu Studio, a trusted SEO company based in Perth Australia, utilises highly effective SEO techniques to help local entrepreneurs achieve their business objectives. Even with the increasing number of SEO companies promising definite results to their clients, Nu Studio only incorporates ethical and SEO methods and strategies to bring leads, traffic, and sales, to their clients’ websites.

With its understanding of proper SEO practices, the company is fully aware of how immediate results may only be beneficial on the first few weeks. Thus, Nu Studio veers away from“instant” ranking boosts. Instead, they incorporate acceptable and effective SEO techniques to avoid penalties and achieve lasting results.

Unethical SEO practices that the company avoids include:

•    Sending automated queries to Google
•    Cloaking
•    Spammy and scraped content
•    Hidden text or links
•    Doorway pages
•    Abusing rich snippet markup
•    Sneaky redirects

Committed to providing only the best services for their clients, Nu Studio aims not only to increase web traffic by helping a website rank on the first page of Google search, but also convert this viewer count into sales. Implementing only the most reliable techniques that follow the guidelines set by Google, the company adheres to the proper and ethical ways of improving a site’s web presence, search engine ranking, and social media status.

About NU Studio

Nu Studio’s goal is to put their clients’ websites on the first page of Google search results pages to generate more traffic and drive sales. With over 15 years of experience in the web development business, the company takes pride in its SEO strategies and methods to give their clients the most optimum results possible.

Business owners hoping to increase their online presence may visit the company’s website at for more information.