Diabetacare: India’s first Preventive and Supportive Care Service for Diabetes

Bangalore, 21st January 2014: Diabetacare, an innovative diabetes care provider today inaugurated their second centre in Bangalore at Koshys Hospital, T C Palya, Ramamurthy nagar, by Shri. B A Basavaraj, MLA, K R Puram Constituency, Bangalore, Government of Karnataka.

More than 65 million people live with diabetes in India and this number is expected to grow to 100 million by 2020. Keeping oneself informed and monitoring health condition regularly is the key to efficient diabetes management. Diabetacare, a first-to-market service, is committed to bridge the gaps in current diabetes management in a manner that is efficient, effective and affordable.

Speaking on this occasion, Dr. Sanjiv Agarwal, CEO & Founder of Diabetacare said, “People with Diabetes are hospitalized twice as often as those who do not have this disease, and they are likely to stay in the hospital 30 per cent longer. Among the health complications that can arise due to unchecked level of diabetes are Diabetic Retinopathy (leading to blindness), Diabetic Nephropathy (leading to kidney failure requiring dialysis) and Diabetic Neuropathy (leading to amputation and losing of limbs) besides accelerated rates of cardiac complications. The current diabetes service models of periodic patient visits to their health care providers do not lend to regular, disciplined self-management and care required for successful treatment of diabetes.

Diabetacare is committed to tackle the inequalities that exist within diabetes care. We believe in the comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach to diabetes management with an emphasis on diabetes specialist nurses who can be a critical link in patient communication and education. We have plans for further Diabetacare centers in various locations in Bangalore for later this year, with aim to provide care closer to home.

Diabetacare is the India’s first technology enabled remotely monitored comprehensive diabetes care provider.

Shri. B A Basavaraj, MLA, K R Puram Constituency, Bangalore, said that Diabetes is a disease in all strata of society and involves multiple organs. It has a huge socio economic burden for the person suffering with Diabetes, the family and the society at large. Any step to prevent or delay complications of diabetes are welcome. I am pleased that Diabetacare with its internationally proven approach has partnered Koshy’s hospital to provide its latest technology enabled comprehensive Diabetes service for our local population in K R Puram constituency. ‘

Also speaking on this occasion Dr. Sharath Chandran, General Manager – Operations and New Projects (India) said “With Diabetacare Koramangala & Diabetacare at Koshy’s we are trying to target diverse groups of individuals from different ethnic backgrounds and social classes, older people and young people, and variations in the way that different groups are able to access our services. We would also be targeting other cities in Karnataka’

As an inaugural offer for the public a walk-in Preventive Free Diabetes Screening is conducted along with *discounts on specific investigations related to diabetes for the entire week.

For more detailed information & clarification contact:

Dr. Sharath Chandran (General Manager)

Ph No: +91-725-9020-449


Mrs Tara Murali (Chief Nutritionist & Quality)

Ph No: +91-725-90-29-446


About Diabetacare

Diabetacare services have been developed by a team of clinicians from UK and India who are renowned leaders in diabetes management. Prof. Andrew Boulton from Manchester is a world leader in management of Diabetes Foot Complications, Prof. Sudhesh Kumar, from Warwick, UK is leader in obesity and its complications in diabetes.

DiabetaCare management of diabetes is around a proactive, personalised and holistic approach that includes implementing lifestyle changes. The personalised dCarer’s goal is to teach everything a patient needs to know to take care and lead an active, healthy life. Diabetacare personalised care and support is provided by personalised dCarers in several languages - Kannada, Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam.

Diabetacare has launched a unique connected device dCare Smart which is a new generation glucometer which transmits glucose readings to their secured database and in your personalised medical records on to their customised and comprehensive Diabetes Electronic Medical Record system (DxNET). The system is designed to send alerts to your personalised dCarer and your doctor, so that appropriate action can be taken. In cases of children and the elderly, DxNET can be set to send an alert to a parent or to next of kin. Diabetacare provides the platform for remote monitoring through a set of leading-edge devices that relay the data to a centralised dCare Monitoring Centre (DMC).