Tatiana Porembova And Her Peers Face Increasing Demand For Lesbian Bridal Gowns

11 January, 2014: An increasing number of lesbian couples have approached wedding dress designers such as Tatiana Porembova with requests for same-sex-appropriate bridal wear and wedding gowns.

This trend might be related to the fact that, despite a growing number of countries passing same-sex marriage laws, designers still tend to base their creations on a heterosexual conception of marriage. Thus, most of the matching outfits in the market consist of the traditional long dress for the bride and a suit or tuxedo for the groom.

Lesbian couples, however, have not only the tendency, but also the desire to stray from the norm, and have been asking designers such as Tatiana Porembova for same-sex-appropriate bridal wear suggestions. Their relationships being based primarily on equality between the two halves of the couple, gay couples are understandably reluctant to follow the traditional model, which does not at any rate adapt well to this type of relationship.

As such, designers have been forced to come up with alternative solutions, some of which have allowed them to show the full extent of their creativity. In Germany, for instance, a young designer who is herself a lesbian and preparing to marry her partner, came up with a gold-and-cream jacket and dress combo for two of her acquaintances, and elsewhere designers like Tatiana Porembova have been coming up with a number of alternative solutions to the centuries-old long dress and dinner jacket.

The rise in demand for same-sex-appropriate bridal wear also comes as a consequence of the increasing number of countries approving same-sex marriage laws. Among the nations currently allowing two people of the same gender to officially marry one another are the Netherlands and France, with Britain also planning to jump in next March. Even in countries where the union cannot be officially called a marriage, steps are being taken, with Germany for instance, allowing same-sex couples to register their unification since 2001.

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