Fight Climate Change with Eco-Hydration: Good for you. Good for the Planet

HDX Hydration Mix is a powdered beverage drink mix made with natural ingredients and a balanced blend of key electrolytes, vitamins, amino acids and minerals. When combined with water, HDX Hydration Mix provides healthy hydration in a convenient ready-to-go packet. Each HDX “stick” contains just 25 calories and has no caffeine. Use HDX Hydration Mix with a reusable water bottle and help prevent more plastic from ending up where it shouldn’t.

“There are many competitors in the beverage world, but a company like HDX, which uses shared values around the importance of health and environmental responsibility, is not so common." said Vipe Desai, Founder of HDX Hydration Mix. "I’m conscious of our products and their impact on people and our planet. That’s why we consider our consumers to be our partners who will become part of the solution to a better future."

It's good for you:
The basis for the entire HDX brand is simple: Create a product that is good for people. One that helps them stay hydrated in whatever sport they are participating, as well as everyday life tasks like work. We set out to create a drink that tasted great and was good for you, rather than being chalked full of sugar and caffeine. HDX is made with natural ingredients and is caffeine-free, diabetic friendly, and gluten free.

It's good for the environment:
As avid surfers, our team are cognitively aware of environmental impact of consumer products. You see waste floating in the water at previously pristine surf spots. Every day, we poison our bodies and the earth with petroleum based plastic that will never biodegrade. When starting HDX, the goal was to create a beverage brand that reinforced a healthy lifestyle, and was also socially responsible. We believe that environmentalism and commerce can co-exist if we take the proper steps to do what’s right, rather than what’s convenient. On average, one person uses almost 200 disposable plastic water bottles each year; this type of waste is simply unacceptable and not socially responsible.

We can make a difference.

How it works:
HDX is simple; it’s a powdered drink that you add to any type of water to create a healthy environmentally sound drink. You just tear the top off the pre-scored mini-pack and pour it into water and shake to mix. HDX comes in 3-oz mini-packs that mix with up to 27-oz of water. The mini-packs are lightweight and easy to carry.

This Earth Day, we invite everyone to rethink their drink and consider using a reusable water bottle to enjoy our healthy and hydrating powder mix.


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