Mexico´s leading renewable energy event

3th Mexican International Renewable Energy Congress –MIREC 2014 May 28th and 29th, 2014 Camino Real Polanco, Mexico City

One of the themes that have generated great expectancy in the midst of the energy´s reform secondary legislation discussion is the promotion of the use of energy from renewable sources in the country. Firms, government and society are expecting the new legislation to be the baseline to create a greater impulse of the use of these energies, accomplishing the stipulated goals on the matter.

It is precisely that with the secondary legislation initiative on the matter, presented by President Enrique Peña Nieto, that the government said that one of the principles that ruled this legislation was the environment´s protection and the promotion of clean energies. This included, among other things, the removal of the obstacles that prevented the renewable energies integration to the electric grid and the creation of a geothermal special law.

It  is within this context that the 3rd Mexican International Renewable Energy Congress MIREC 2014 will take place, as a privileged meeting point of the main policy makers in the Mexican market, as well as  the main international experts and developers of the sector.

Some of the confirmed speakers are:

Enrique Ochoa Reza, General Director, Federal Electricity Commission (CFE)

David Penchyna Grub, President, Energy Commission, Mexican Senate

Guillermo Zúñiga Martínez, Commissioner, Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE)

Verónica  Martínez, Euro--‐Solar Program Coordinator, Minister of Energy and Mines of Guatemala

Vishal Shah, General Director, Alternative Energy Sector, Deutsche Bank

WalterVergara, Chief of Sustainable Energy and Climate Change, Inter--American Development Bank (IDB)

Manuel Gómez Peña, Sustainability Director, Wal--Mart de México

Marco Antonio Rivera, Senior Manager for Energy and Environment, Nissan

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