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Nancy Fulton, publisher of the Dark Romance App says "One of the great things about making content available to readers through iOS and Android devices is the ability to diversify the kind of content we provide. The Dark Romance App delivers original historical, paranormal, and contemporary romances, text novels, audio books, a full cast audio drama and an illustrated historical romance." 

About A Woman's Honor: 

A Woman's Honor tells the story of a 12th Century war between great houses on the border between England and Wales. In order to protect her parents and those who remain alive on her ravaged land, Eleanor makes a bitter peace at the price of a forced marriage to the Duke of Trevich. 

The Duke, a by blow of a favored Earl, has fought for England since before stubble first appeared on his cheeks. For his many successful campaigns and decades of loyal service, the Duke has won a meaningless title and a hard-scrabble fief on the edge of England. He and his men sought only peace and the opportunity to build new prosperity from their new home. Instead they've been forced into a brutal war that has burned crops and slaughtered the innocent. To make peace, the Duke has accepted the only surviving child of his enemy as his unwilling bride. 

But, while the Duke must make vows with this girl, he need not bed her and he will not keep her. He will set her aside as soon as his position in these new lands is secure. He will let the girl will live and die in a nunnery with ample time to contemplate her family's treachery. 

The Duke of Trevich will not give up his vision of a loving wife, strong sons, and canny leaders who need not kill to survive. 

What the Duke does not know is that his new bride is the Lady he has been looking for, loyal, kind, brilliant and beautiful. He has not yet discovered who his true enemies are or the price his unwilling bride pay to serve vengeance upon them. 

To get this free illustrated romance, find the Dark Romance App in the iPhone, iPad, or Google Play app stores. 

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