Healthcare staffing agency, Aureus Medical, helps you deal with allergies on travel PT jobs

Omaha, NE, (March 26, 2014) - As cold and flu season comes to an end, you may be wondering what has you feeling under the weather this spring. There's a chance it could be allergies. Healthcare staffing agency, Aureus Medical Group, provides more information on allergies to help you on travel PT jobs.

While it's best to take preventative measures and avoid sickness as a travel PT, allergies are another story. On each new assignment, you are likely to find a variety of triggers that get your eyes watering and nose running.

Allergies or a cold?
Since a lot of the symptoms are similar, it can sometimes be difficult to tell the difference between a cold and seasonal allergies. The National Institutes of Health has provided a handy chart to help you figure it out. Some key takeaways from this information are:

  • While a cold can last three to 14 days, allergies will likely last for weeks – or the duration of the allergy season if you aren't taking proper action against your trigger allergens.
  • Both allergies and a cold will exhibit symptoms of sneezing, and it is likely that you may have a runny and stuffy nose or sore throat with the two.
  • While you may have general aches and pains with a cold, you shouldn't experience these symptoms due to allergies – same goes with a fever.

According to ABC News, Dr. William Schaffner, chair of preventive medicine at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, recommends taking over-the-counter pain relievers and decongestants for a cold. When it comes to allergies, antihistamines are often the best route – these can be purchased over the counter or with a prescription from your doctor if necessary.

Read the full article for 2014 allergy information.

About Aureus Medical Group:

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