Will You Ride the Real Estate Boom?

The real estate industry has seen a rise in activity in the past year, with more prospective homebuyers making the decision to find the house of their dreams. With more people searching for a new home, real estate agents must find ways to manage all of their clients in order to remain ahead of their competitors. According to the National Association of Realtors, around 90 percent of homebuyers use the Internet to search for a home, and 32 percent of those homebuyers find a real estate agent to work with. You do not want to miss a call or email, because doing so means lost business and opportunity. Now is the time to ensure that your agency is ready to handle the surge in business by investing in a real estate answering service.

How a Real Estate Answering Service Works

As a real estate agent or broker, it is your job to work with your clients to help them find the place for which they have been looking. To do this, you need to ensure that you can answer and respond to all of your calls and emails. However, your time is better spent securing listings and showing properties instead of monitoring the phone lines all day. A virtual receptionist takes care of this work for you by being on call 24 hours a day. You set your preferences, from phone answering protocol to customized scripts, and, as a result, the team you work with will answer your phone, respond to email, answer questions about your properties, and even manage your calendar.

Benefits of Using a Real Estate Answering Service

The National Association of Realtors also notes that 55 percent of agents and 49 percent of brokers spent between $500 and $2,000 on technology in the past year for their business. Hiring an answering service is one such upgrade you can make that will bring lasting benefits to your agency.

1.      Free Up Your Time – Since you cannot be everywhere at once, an answering service allows you to never miss a call or email, so your time is better spent focusing on your business.

2.      Gain an Edge – A virtual receptionist allows you to build your reputation because your clients know that they can reach you any time and get their questions answered. Satisfied clients give referrals that will help bring in more business.

3.      Conserve Your Resources – While this seems counterintuitive, investing in an answering service keeps you from wasting your time on installing special equipment and clunky software. Instead, you are able to rely on real estate professionals that have your best interests at heart, so you can spend more time selling properties.

Company Bio

Endicott Communications, Inc. is an industry leader in answering service technology for real estate professionals. With 24-hour on-call service, Endicott Communications employs experts trained to meet the individual needs of each client. Endicott Communications was founded in 2007 and has corporate offices located in Kendall Park, NJ.



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