Comparing OEM Parts and After Market Parts

Whether you own a new or used car in El Paso or in Cincinnati, it is inevitable that one day you will find yourself facing the decision-making required to find the appropriate replacement auto part that will best suit your vehicle and budget. The difficulty in determining the best replacement part for your vehicle is considering what type of replacement part is best for your vehicle: OEM or aftermarket parts. OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and after-market parts are two broad divisions made within the automotive world. To create a better outline of these types of parts, we can observe what values they bring in the specifications that generally matter most to customers and their vehicle: quality, choice, affordability, and safety.
  • Quality

Drivers are assured of top quality with OEM parts, because they are manufactured in direct accordance to the vehicle’s specifications. In fact, drivers who choose OEM parts for their vehicle are also further assured of quality parts because manufacturers have a long-term incentive to ensure quality retention in congruence to their brand name and reputation.

Aftermarket parts, on the other hand, are not made from the original manufacturer. Instead, independent manufacturers buy rights to manufacture and distribute original parts, which most often do not reduce quality or performance. These aftermarket parts perform quite well and are generally of the same quality as OEM parts.

  • Choice

Aftermarket parts are available in a wide range of variations, all designed to accommodate different vehicle models and makes. However, this can prove to be easily confusing and complicated for the average customer, leaving them potentially vulnerable to mediocre parts.

OEM parts are exclusive to the vehicle. In this respect, OEM parts do not rely on variety, but rather exactitude in relation to the intended vehicle. This helps customers choose the parts they need in a more direct and accurate way.

  • Affordability

Customers will find that OEM parts are more expensive than aftermarket parts, yet in contrast to aftermarket parts, the difference in price is determined by difference in quality. As outlined, original manufacturers ensure high quality for their product, because they are directly responsible for the quality standard of their associated brand name.

  • Safety

In contrast to OEM parts, aftermarket parts are prone to the use of low quality materials, which may increase safety issues for customers. OEM parts, however, are as reliable as the manufacturer’s quality standard. In the context of replacement part safety, OEM parts have the quality assurance associated with the manufacturer and are developed directly to meet the specific vehicle needs.


Simply put, aftermarket parts provide variety in both product and price for customers, but are not required to meet the same quality standards you find in the manufacturing and development of OEM parts. Where customers will find both high quality and low quality choices with aftermarket parts, OEM parts are only of stringent high quality standards. There are clear advantages and disadvantages between aftermarket and OEM parts, and finding the best choice for you may depend on your budget and your vehicle’s flexibility.

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