Vernon Hills Physical Therapy: Praxis Does Things Differently

At Praxis, they do things differently. It’s that simple. When you think about a center for rehabilitation, Praxis is certainly what comes to mind. That is because at Praxis, they strive to be innovators in their field. Aside from the amazing care and rehabilitation that they offer, their goal is to make the patient as comfortable and ready to succeed as possible whether it is a physical therapy, rehabilitation or sports performance testing in Vernon Hills. All is done through a series of techniques unique to the center.

This high-end facility is perfect for fostering both healthy and injured athletes who walk through the door. The experienced and talented therapists working with the athletes are not only dedicated to each individual patient, but also to the overall idea of rehabilitation. They take their job much farther than simply getting any athlete back on the field; they push them to be better than they were before the injury. At Praxis, they offer sports performance testing as well as speed training in Vernon Hills. These two critical elements of recovery and training only add to the overall goal of growth and success. With the help of the physicians and amazing facility at Praxis Care, you could become the athlete you’ve always dreamed you could be.

Rehabilitation typically means recovering from an injury or an illness. At Praxis, it means so much more than that. As previously mentioned, they don’t rehabilitate to push you to the same level as before the injury or illness; they want you to succeed and reach whatever goals you set for yourself. This can be anything from being able to live on the top floor of an apartment to achieving that college scholarship you’ve always dreamed of.

Rehabilitation happens on several different levels in this center because they see patients of all shapes and sizes. When children need help with motor skills or recovering from an injury, their team of talented professionals focuses on getting to know each child and building a trusting relationship before diving into the physical therapy. Many athletes visit them for their top of the line injury rehabilitation programs. No matter the injury, the professionals at Praxis have been treating patients with similar injuries for years and have seen what works and what doesn’t. They have the knowledge and are prepared to work with and push each athlete to their limit. They also take care of geriatric rehabilitation. One of the hardest things about getting old is the way the body seems to fight aging. With each passing year, injury becomes more and more likely, and the body starts to shut down. They have developed some of the best methods to keep the body strong and healthy well into the golden years, and they are there to support patients who need to get back to a healthier, stronger version of themselves.  

Taking It to the Next Level
Rehabilitation is not where therapy ends at Praxis. When recovering, it is important to be gentle and kind to your body as it heals. As you get stronger and time passes after an injury, it is important to push yourself past the point where you started. This ensures that your body is not only ready to get back to competing, but that it is stronger than it ever was before. With some of the most advanced speed training in Vernon Hills, they ensure that you will be working hard towards your goal of recovery and surpassing your fitness expectations. They also offer some of the most exclusive sports performance testing. This test is formulated in a way that allows you to see where you currently stand, set goals for yourself and push past those goals to reach ultimate success. They not only set you up to succeed but work at your pace to achieve your goals. You can decide where you want your body to be and then push yourself to get there.

At Praxis, they are all about patient care and comfort. Their licensed and degreed employees take the time to actually get to know their patients and put in the effort to build the relationship that will ultimately help them succeed. With some of the most advanced sports performance testing and speed training in Vernon Hills, they are equipped to assisting patients of all levels succeed through therapy and rehabilitation to help them reach their goals.