Celeb requests brings you the sweet voice of the hottest celebrity women

How many times haven’t you been caught daydreaming at school? Fantasizing about your favorite movie star or actor is something really common among children and adults as well. I am sure that it seldom happened to you to imagine a dialogue with a celebrity you look up to or one of the hottest celebrity women. Instead of continuing to test your imagination or watch continuously the breaking celebrity news, you need to try the new application. You just send your request to your chosen celeb and, if he accepts the request, you will receive a response with the message you have always wanted to hear. Things such as “happy birthday my number one fan” or a simple “hello” from the favorite star will become accessible to everyone.

You can either opt for a new message or you can choose one of the pre recorder requests. Celebrity quests is intended to become a real community which gathers both celebrities and their fans so the latters can receive personalized messages from their beloved performers. Age doesn’t matter, nor how young or mature you are, as long as your desire is to hear something from your favorite star or the hottest celebrity woman. Her words will be music to your ears. Go ahead and send your request. The only catch here is the fact that the celeb can choose whether to answer to your request or not.

The whole process of celeb request is very simple. First you need to send the request. Just tell your celeb what it is you wish to hear from him/her. Afterwards it is up to the star to answer you or not. If the answer is positive, you will receive the message you are longing for so long. Just imagine what you will feel when your phone will ring the sweet voice of Rihanna or Bruno Mars. You will not hear their voice only when you watch the breaking celebrity news, but when your phone rings as well. I am positively sure that you will receive what you want from the stars you look up to for so long.

Don’t hesitate to access a specialized website where you can find out more about this process, about how you could connect with one of the hottest celebrity women. This application is bound to bring you a lot of pleasure. You can ask anything you want from the idols you see on the breaking celebrity news, anything that crosses your mind. Don’t wait any longer, the sooner you send request, the faster you will receive the answer you are longing for. The age doesn’t matter. Young or old, everybody has the right to know what they want from the celebrities they admire for such a long time.

Allow yourself this pleasure. The fee is very small but the joy you will receive is immense. The project is in need of fans whose desire is to get in touch with their favorite celebrities. Join this community as soon as possible to make the project a reality. The stars are famous not just because of the breaking celebrity news, but also because of their fans so they must be willing to become part of this community and offer you daily messages you can download. You can use them as ringtones, you can post them on your social media and have your friends see all of your personalized messages. It is a well thought project designed by a capable team with the same desires as you.

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