Things to Consider When Hiring a Mover for Your Home Shift

Moving is a time consuming and stressful time. But the process of home shift can be made much easier and simpler by hiring a professional moving company. There are several professional moving companies in India operating their services in different major towns and cities of this country. Finding out of one in your city will give you a hassle-free and comfortable experience of home shift. But finding a right mover is also big undertaking. So you will need to consider for hiring a mover that is not only economical but also experienced and reliable. You will need to consider many things when hiring a professional mover in your city in order to make your move easy and simple.


Request for Binding Estimate

No one wants to be cheated by a fee higher that the original moving estimate after the job is finished. So it would be best that you find a mover that provides you binding moving estimate and will not exceed original estimate.


Understand Insurance Policy of Movers

Make sure you understand well insurance policy of movers. Movers will often provide insurance coverage policy as a part of the moving cost.


Ensure there are no hidden costs

Some times movers charge extra fee for extremely heavy or bulky items. They may charge extra fee if you are moving for long distance. They may charge you extra fee for packing materials. So it is best to make discuss with movers about these issues or hidden costs when you receive your moving estimate.


Know about mode of payments

Different movers have different payments methods for their services. So it is important that you know well about mode of payments for hiring their services.


Check your movers’ credentials

Hire a mover that is reputable, registered and experienced. Ask movers for showing their registration certificates. Ask them about their previous customers and clients. Contact movers’ clients and customers for their reliability and expertness. Check out their service websites and to know about their company profile or know what their previous clients and customers say in testimonials. Remember, only a right experienced mover can provide you quality services and safe & punctual transportation of goods from current location to new location door step.


Do not deal with movers

Do not deal with movers who are hesitant to give you information about their previous clients and customers. Do not deal with movers which are inexperienced and not registered.


Hire a Local Mover

Hire a local moving company within you city. For instance, if you are moving from Delhi to somewhere else, you should hire one of Packers and Movers Delhi based companies that is registered and experienced.