What Makes DeSean Jackson So Lethal?

That was the question posed to CSN Washington’s Trevor Matich as the television network continues to get Redskins Nation ready for training camp by answering some of the biggest questions surrounding the team.

Sure, he’s got blazing speed, and yes, he’ll benefit greatly from his fellow wideouts taking eyes off of him, but as Matich explains, wide receiver DeSean Jackson isn’t a football player who was just blessed with quickness.

He’s so much more than that.

What They’re Saying About Jackson Being With The Redskins

“We’re excited to have him. Any time you have an opportunity to get a splash player like DeSean Jackson, you have to do your best to get him. Fortunately Bruce Allen and Dan Snyder got it done, but we’re excited to have the competitor and the player of DeSean’s caliber.”

Head Coach Jay Gruden

“We are all excited to have him join our team. Our team and this city will be there for him. In talking with him, I understand his drive and his competitiveness to win – always doing it for his dad and now doing it for this city.”

Quarterback Robert Griffin III

 “I’m excited to have another weapon. The guy is mad fast and I think, overall, it definitely helps the offense.”

Running Back Alfred Morris

“I think anytime you add a piece like DeSean, it will benefit everybody. You got to make a deicision on how are you going to defend our guys on offense. Are you going to cloud DeSean Jackson? Are you going to cloud Pierre? Are you going to play an 8 man box with single safety coverage? “

Offensive Coordinator Sean McVay 

Jackson On Joining The Redskins

“I think first off, I feel they embraced me as far as RGIII [Robert Griffin III], [DeAngelo] Hall reached out to me and made it feel like it was home for me here. After everything that was going on the past couple days and the last week, that’s a big step and first move for me. I think DeAngelo Hall really stepped up to the plate and you know called me and just said, ‘Look bro, I know I’ve been playing against you for a long time but this is a situation where I think if you came in here, I think you could help us out a lot.’ You know, for myself I was at a point in my career where that made me very humble – to everything to go down the way it happened – but coming here, Bruce Allen, Mr. Snyder, Jay Gruden, I think it was an open arms situation. And I was just looking for an opportunity to come in and be productive and help out any way possible. I think this place right here is a great place and has some great things going on and I’m just happy to be an addition to help this team win.”



ABOUT THE REDSKINS: Headquartered at Redskins Park in Ashburn, Virginia, and owned by Daniel Snyder, the historic Washington Redskins Football Club has won five World Championship titles including the 1937 and 1942 National Football League Championship games, as well as Super Bowls XVII, XXII and XXVI. Founded in 1932 as the Boston Braves in Massachusetts, the team changed its name to the Redskins in 1933 and relocated to Washington, D.C., in 1937. Since then, the team has become one of the most recognizable professional sports franchises in history, featuring multiple Hall of Fame coaches, 19 members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame (with seven others who also were Redskins) and becoming the first team in the NFL with an official marching band and fight song, "Hail to the Redskins." The Redskins have been owned by Dan Snydersince 1999, and beginning in 1997, began playing their home games at FedExField in Landover, Md.