Hippie Freak: Experience The Psychedelic Sounds of San Francisco.

Deerfield Beach, FL – July 23, 2014. The online music merchandise store, Tribut Apparel, covers all kinds of music throughout the history of rock and roll. This week they have chosen to focus on San Francisco, and its unique impact on music.

The birthplace of America’s counter-culture, San Francisco was the place to be for the youth of the 1960s. A generation of young people looking for peace and love made the pilgrimage to Haight – Ashbury, a psychedelic neighborhood, and Golden Gate Park to rally against the country’s involvement in the Vietnam War with psychedelic sounds as their theme music. All of these aspects, the music, the people, and the places, combined to create the pulse of the 60’s in San Francisco.

The music coming from the Bay Area spread across the country like wildfire taking elements from all different genres of music. Local bands, like Jefferson Airplane, The Grateful Dead and Big Brother and the Holding Company, started utilizing their instruments in a more powerful way than done before. “Haight Ashbury Presents the San Francisco Sound” takes a journey into these band’s and their sounds. San Francisco’s bands didn’t just create music, they created a culture.

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