Click Strand Bamboo Flooring from Bothbest Makes Installation Easier for Home Owners

China - Bothbest, a renowned Chinese manufacturer of bamboo products, now offers Valine click licensed click strand bamboo flooring for home owners who want to follow instructions and install bamboo floors without seeking professional help. According to the manufacturers, their click strand bamboo flooring comes with a click lock profile, which makes it easier for the home owners to install the floors without taking anyone’s help.

Like the strand woven bamboo flooring that the China based manufacturer offers, the click strand bamboo flooring is also suitable for high-traffic locations, both commercial and residential. While many bamboo floor manufacturers these days only offer natural or carbonized colour bamboo floors, Bothbest now offers a wide range of colour options for their buyers, or home and office owners, to choose from. Available colours include grey, chocolate, black, teak and cherry.

According to the manufacturers, the click strand bamboo flooring that they offer comes with a Valinge click lock system. They also added that no glue is required for installing the profile and homeowners can apply a few simple DIY tricks following the user manual to install the floor at their home or office. They also claimed that the click strand woven bamboo floors are lightweight and thin, as well as have a good density.

“At present, these strand woven bamboo floors are available in many colour variants including carbonized or natural colour, grey, chocolate, cherry and others. We use the lowest formaldehyde in the bamboo flooring industry. Also, only sustainably harvested bamboos are used for manufacturing the floors. Our click strand bamboo floors are now widely being used in stores, restaurants, shopping malls, offices, schools, hospitals and top-line real properties that are privately owned”, told a senior sales manager of Bothbest.

Bothbest, or Bothbest Bamboo Flooring Co. Ltd, has been operating as a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of bamboo floors since 2001. The company now has three different manufacturing facilities across China.

“Our key objective is to provide cost-effective and sustainable flooring solution to commercial and residential space owners who look for hassle-free installation and maintenance of these floors”, commented the CEO and managing director of the ISO9001:2008 certified manufacturing firm.

About the Company

Bothbest is a leading click strand woven bamboo flooring manufacturer from China.

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