Affluent Wealth International Teaches People to Protect Themselves from the Ongoing Slide in China.

Affluent Wealth International’s Breaking News: Glencore, Global Community Giant Down 43% after its Inception in 2011, Not an Issue for Those Being Schooled the AWI Way!

Los Angeles, CA.  August 23, 2015.  Affluent Wealth International is a one-of-a-kind educational process. It teaches people not only how to make money but to protect it.  As smart people know, it’s never as hard to make money…lots of it…as it is to keep money.  Legally without interference from government agencies.  For most people, a single health or business crisis plummets them into financial chaos, their assets vulnerable and unprotected.  The lifestyle they worked so hard to achieve is suddenly about to evaporate.  That is one of the reasons Affluent Wealth International exists.  To make sure that regardless of how serious an obstacle life puts in your path, you know how to get around it and protect what is important to you.  To have the security, especially later in life, to know that none of your assets will be snatched and that your family remains secure.


The kind of schooling delivered by Affluent Wealth International is not available anywhere else on the planet.  It can’t be learned in an advanced Master’s or doctorate program.  As a matter of fact, it isn’t taught anywhere.  Its origins come from a massively adaptable individual who is as smart as he is scrappy…someone who has risen from the ashes more than once and has made millions and lost them…only to make them again.  His primary interest now is to make sure he teaches the secrets he learned during those personal journeys to others…simply so they can avoid some of the hurdles and challenges he consistently dealt with.  This is what he wants his legacy to be.  To show people how to achieve a long held dream, keep it intact and enjoy the rest of their lives without fear of their dream being taken from them.


The beauty of Affluent Wealth International is that it is customized to your schedule.  You can attend one class or many of them, locally or remotely, and you can base your curriculum on your current needs.  The kind of knowledge available to you via the Affluent Wealth International program is such that you can go from a start-up to a successful business or take an already very successful business to the next level.  All that is required is your serious commitment to your own success.  Visit us at Affluent Wealth International and direct inquiries to