20 Fun Things To Do At Glenwood Hot Spring Before Summer Is Over

Summer may be coming to end, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. At least not at Glenwood Hot Springs, home of the world’s largest mineral hot springs pool and the award-winning Spa of the Rockies. To maximize what’s left of summer, check off a few (or all) of these items on our Top 20 List. In no particular order they are:

1.       Perfect your cannonball splash off the diving board

2.       Relax with a massage or the treatment of your choice at the Spa of the Rockies

3.       Play a round of miniature golf

4.       Read a book or magazine on the steps of the Therapy Pool

5.       Get inked with a temporary tattoo

6.       Stay until 10 p.m. closing time to enjoy soaking under the stars

7.       Buy a souvenir to take home from the Glenwood Hot Springs Sport Shop

8.       Ride the Avalanche Chute and the Shoshone Falls waterslides

9.       Bring your own cup and sample the mineral-rich water from the drinking spring

10.   Dry your swimsuit in the suit spinner in the locker rooms (yes, it’s fun)

11.   Enjoy an ice cream swirl cone from the Snack Bar

12.   If you’re staying at the Glenwood Hot Springs Lodge, upgrade your stay with an Athletic Club Day Pass

13.   Swim 13 laps in the lap lanes – that’s one-half mile!

14.   Have your photo taken in the old-fashioned photo cutout

15.   Fall asleep in the shade of a big cottonwood tree in the middle of the afternoon

16.   Relax in the bubble chairs in the Therapy Pool (remember to bring quarters)

17.   For privacy, shade and premium service, rent a poolside cabana for the day

18.   View the famous Western paintings by Jack Rogers in the lobby of the Lodge

19.   Take a photo of the iconic stone bathhouse building from terraced sunbathing deck

20.   Check out the Yampah spring on the east end of the property. It’s 122°F (51°C) and the source of mineral spring water. 

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Glenwood Hot Springs is a 125-year-old Colorado landmark resort located along Interstate 70 at Glenwood Springs, approximately 165 miles west of Denver and 90 miles east of Grand Junction. Famous for its enormous hot springs pools, other amenities include the Spa of the Rockies, the Glenwood Hot Springs Lodge, an athletic club, a restaurant open for breakfast and lunch, a retail store specializing in swimwear and a miniature golf course, open seasonally. For more information, including press releases, a press kit, photos and a live web camera, please visit or call 800-537-SWIM (7946) or 970-947-2955. 

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