Contact Center Transitions: 7 Essential Tips e-Guide Published

Contact center specialist PSS Help has published a free online guide to help organizations keep pace with ever-rising demands by customers for richer interactions. PSS believes that under-pressure contact center, operations and IT managers will benefit most from the guide, which is titled Your Call Center Technology Transition: 7 Essential Tips for Success.

Packed with practical advice, the guide acknowledges that all organizations are in a state of transition with their contact centers – because of relentless demand for change from customers, business stakeholders and technology vendors.

"Transition is business-as-usual for today's contact centers. Even if companies aren't about to spend a fortune on a new system or upgrade, they're responding to new requests, managing constant updates or figuring out how to maintain legacy systems and applications when vendor support ceases," explains Tony Porter, Chief Marketing Officer at PSS.

 "Managers are often doing a heroic job trying to keep the lights on while making changes. But they urgently need independent, practical advice – of the kind they won't normally hear from vendors. This advice could save them stress, disruption and cost, while improving service," Porter concludes.

The guide aims to help managers avoid the pitfalls associated with transition, but pursue changes that lead to genuine improvements. The "7 Essential Tips" tackle topics such as how to thrive when vendor support ends (and keep your legacy technology), ways to make dramatic savings on app conversion when you choose to upgrade, and how to connect new and old technologies seamlessly.

PSS says the advice in the guide has been gleaned from two decades of working with leading organizations across the US, Europe, Asia and Australia. These include carriers, service providers, airlines, banks, utilities and government departments.

Click here to access the guide: Your Call Center Technology Transition: 7 Essential Tips for Success.

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