New E-book Details Why Competency-based Learning is the Smart Choice for Working Professionals

– E-book Helps Professionals and Employers Understand the Benefits of Competency-based Learning –

– August 17, 2015 – American Sentinel University’s free e-book, ‘Competency-Based: A New Choice for Professionals’ is a go-to guide to help working professionals and employers understand the new options of competency-based education (CBE), the benefits it can offer and how this learning model compares with traditional credit-hour organization. The e-book is available for download at

Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics has shown that the median income for someone with a bachelor’s degree is 65 percent higher than someone who graduated only from high school. And with a master’s degree, the difference is double. Advanced degrees improve earning potential, increase marketability, bolster professional reputation, and create new opportunities for advancement.

CBE has gained greater interest because of its focus on identifying and mastering competency in a particular career, rather than measuring time in classes.

“Competency-based education is beneficial for students because it focuses on real-world skills and competency development; the programs are designed to help students work at their own pace to demonstrate mastery in the competencies needed for their chosen field of study,” says Rick Oliver, Ph.D., founder and CEO of American Sentinel University. “As a result, students are workplace ready and have greater expertise in their chosen fields. And for many students, this type of education is a direct path to the beginning of a highly successful career. Also, students get to work on projects of their choice that are often needed by their employers.”

Dr. Oliver says that the CBE instructional style is not a perfect fit for everyone, but for students who are looking for a core set of competencies that are needed for a particular career, the material is relevant to the workplace.

“CBE has gained popularity with working professionals due to its flexible structure, affordability and its focus on the development of advanced competencies immediately applicable to a professional’s career,” he adds.

The e-book examines American Sentinel University’s project-based and competency-focused MBA Healthcare delivery format as an alternative to the university’s traditional course-based approach.

New Education Choice for Working Professionals
Competency-Based: A New Choice for Professionals’ is a must read for anyone who wants to advance their careers and employers that want to benefit from higher-quality employees. The e-book profiles the types of employees and companies that might find the CBE instruction style useful.

Topics include:

-History of the Carnegie Credit Hour

-Competency-based Learning Overview

-Example of Competency-based Degree Program

-Is Competency-based Education Right for You?

Download E-book to Learn Why Competency-based Learning is a Smart Choice for Working Professionals
The e-book, Competency-Based: A New Choice for Professionals’ is available for download at

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