Gerald Fry: Prosecuting and Defending Criminal Cases in Houston, Texas Since 1978

Gerald Fry is a full service drug case and federal criminal defense lawyer Houston in the area. Throughout the years, he has been consistently delivering the industry’s highest standards of excellence by focusing on quality individualized representation that goes along with his strong belief on maintaining a good client-attorney relationship. He specializes with a broad range of practice areas including DWI/DUI defense, white collar criminal cases, and small and large drug cases. And while taking pride on having handled countless criminal appeals in both state and federal criminal legal systems, clients can make sure that they will receive an informed judgment that will certainly bring them a life changing experience.

Being accused of something that you haven’t done can give you a hard time. It can affect how you deal with people, how you think about yourself, and the way you live your life. And because it is fundamental to prevent allegations from ruining your family, work, relationship, and your overall well-being, the decision to change for the better is very personal and requires the support of a lawyer who understands your situation. That is why this reliable legal expert comes up with the most effective and cost-efficient solutions that will improve your life and help you achieve your personal goals as well. His approach is mainly tailored to address your specific and emerging needs, and as a result, he has arrived at an informed judgment no matter what you are accused of or what you have done. You can expect that he will get down to the bottom of things so he can fight persistently for your rights from the preliminary appeal and throughout the entire process.

As a criminal defense lawyer, his legal services vary, including numerous civil matters, one of which is felony and misdemeanor cases. These two differ from each other in terms of the severity of the crime committed, considering the former is more serious than the latter; however, both are treated as offenses against the law. If you find yourself in either case, it is highly advisable to hire an attorney first before talking to the police, allowing them to enter your property for searching purposes, and giving them a written statement. This way, you can eliminate going to the expense of having further legal troubles or worse, going to jail. With Mr. Fry, you are the number one priority. Thus, he always sees to it that you only get dependable and outstanding services to make ensure that your rights are protected. 

Supported by 35 years of experience, Attorney Gerald Fry has made his name known in both federal and state criminal justice systems. He finished his undergraduate degree at the University of Florida and obtained his doctorate degree at South Texas College of Law. He was licensed to practice before the United States Supreme Court, worked as an assistant district attorney for three years and was also certified in criminal law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Additionally, he has successfully tried hundreds of cases to judges and juries alike since he joined the Harris County District Attorney’s Office in 1978. With all of these accomplishments, Texans can guarantee that they are in good hands.