Diet and Lifestyle Recommendations At Lewis Orthopaedics

Killeen, Texas, Jan 2014/ Press Release: If you are trying to have a healthy diet, but are not sure how much of which nutrient to consume, Lewis Orthopaedics can help you out. Lewis Orthopaedics is a renowned and trusted orthopedic clinic in Killeen, Texas that offers a wide spectrum of health services including Nutrition and Lifestyle Counseling and Superior Orthopaedic Care.


The Nutrition and Lifestyle program at Lewis Orthopaedics focuses on individualized nutrition counseling, to help people adapt healthier eating habits for a variety of orthopedic conditions.According to Dr. Rory H. Lewis, “Proper diet and exercise can greatly help to improve chronic pain due to inflammation or arthritis.” Thus, his team at Lewis Orthopaedics conducts a comprehensive nutritional assessment that involves patient's history, physical examination, as well as laboratory testing (of amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, etc) in their specialized labs. Based on this assessment, they provide customized nutrition recommendations to their patients.


So, if you are suffering from any orthopedic condition, working toward a speedy recovery from a sports injury or are trying to reach optimal athletic performance level, the nutritional guidelines and extensive orthopedic care at Lewis Orthopaedicscan help you out. Besides, the doctors here will also help you understand various treatment options, whether non-surgical (pain management, injections and physical therapy) or surgical, so that you are assured that you will get the best care.


For more information about Diet and Lifestyle Recommendations, kindly contact Dr. Lewis at Lewis Orthopaedics. The clinic is located at 2301 South Clear Creek Road Suite 204 Killeen, TX 76549. To request an appointment at Killeen, call (254) 634-2857 and in Lampasas, call (512) 564-0722. You can also visit their website to know more about their services.