Global Blood Plasma Market Report: 2014 Edition – New Report by Koncept Analytics

The Global Blood Plasma Market also encompasses the major trends, growth drivers as well as issues being faced by the global industry. Recent as well as future developments affecting the industry have also been presented.

Increasing incidence of bleeding disorders across the globe has kept the global blood plasma market afloat and is likely to keep the momentum going on in near future as well. Major bleeding disorders, including Hemophilia A & B and Von Willebarnd disease, have been registering increasing number of patients across geographies which translates into expanding patient-base for the market. The industry has been on a transitional course wherein it is emerging from an industry deriving most of its revenues from the relatively smaller population of its traditional (read developed) markets to an industry witnessing a shift towards the emerging markets under similar perspective.

As per the report, “ Global Blood Plasma Market Report: 2014 Edition ” , rising healthcare expenditure, increasing penetration of plasma-derived products, ageing population, improving economic conditions and rising inclination of the developing world towards this industry, both in terms of rising demand and increasing domestic market access, have paved a concrete growth path for the industry. Furthermore, China still remains part of the unchartered waters that the industry hasn’t yet explored which adds to the optimism surrounding the future of the industry. However, increasing global fractionation capacities packed with already escalating price pressures and stricter regulation are likely to pose as the major hurdles on the same growth path.

The report by Koncept Analytics presents an exhaustive study of the blood plasma market elucidating global market dynamics with an eye on major segments of the same. Major consumer countries of various plasma-proteins have also been discussed to complete the demand side of the industry. The report shines light on the major players that are shaping the industry: their market standing and business strategies against the backdrop of overall competitive landscape of the industry which have also been presented.

By deploying SPSS Inc.’s data integration and analysis capabilities, future growth prediction in terms of value of the industry has also been analyzed in the report.

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List of Charts

Plasma Extraction from Donated Blood (Recovered Plasma)
Plasmapheresis (Source Plasma)
Global Blood Plasma Market (2000-2013)
Global Plasma Market by Products (ex. Recombinant Factors) (2012)
Global Plasma Market by Region (ex. Recombinant Factors) (2012)
Global Plasma Market by Population (ex. Recombinant Factors) (2012)
Manufacturing Cost Split for Plasma Fractionation (2013)
Global Immunoglobulin Market Size by Value (2004-2013)
Global Immunoglobulin Market Size by Volume (2004-2013)
Immunoglobulin Usage Per Capita in Select Countries (2012)
IVIG Usage Per Capita in Select Countries (2012)
Global IVIG Demand and Supply (2007-2012)
IVIG Market Volume by Region (2008, 2010 and 2012)
IVIG Use by Indication (2013)
Global Hemophilia Treatment Market Revenues (2006-2013E)
Global Hemophilia Treatment Market Outlook (2011-2016F)
Global Hemophilia A Treatment Market Outlook (2011-2016F)
Global Demand for Factor VIII (2010-2016E)
Factor VIII Usage in Select Countries (2012)
Global Hemophilia B Treatment Market Outlook (2011-2016F)
Global FIX Consumption (2005-2013E)
Global Inhibitor Treatment Market Outlook (2011-2016F)
Global Von Willebrand Treatment Market Outlook (2011-2016F)
Albumin Usage in Select Regions and Countries (2012)
Albumin Market Size of the US and China (2012)
Albumin Price across US and China
US Collection Centers (2009-2013)
US Collection Centers by Major Fractionator (2009-2013)
Hemophilia Patients Receiving Episodic Treatment (2010-2017E)*
Hemophilia Patients Receiving Prophylactic Treatment (2012, 2017E)
Demand Patterns for Factor VIII (2012, 2015E and 2020E)
A1PI Statistics of North America and EU
Per Capita FIX Usage in Developed Economies
Per Capita FIX Usage in Emerging Economies (2012)
Global Healthcare Spending (2005-2015E)
Global Ageing Population (2007-2013)
Global Male Population (2005-2014F)
Global GDP (2001-2013)
World GDP per Capita (2005-2012)
Excess Supply in FVIII Market (2010-2016E)
Global Plasma Market Share by Company (2013)
Movements in Global Plasma Market Share (2008-2013)
Global Immunoglobulin Market Share by Company (2013)
Movements in Global Immunoglobulin Market Share (2008-2013)
Global IVIG Market Share (2012)
Factor VIII Market Share by Company (2013)
Recombinant FVIII Market Share by Company (2013)
China’s Albumin Market (2011-12)
Baxter - Sales by Business Segments (2013)
Baxter - Sales by Region (2013)
Revenue and Net Income, Baxter Inc. (2010-2013)
Grifols Revenue Share by Business Segments (2013)
Revenue and Net Income, Grifols (2010-2013)
CSL’s Revenue Share by Major Products (2012-13)
CSL’s Group Sales by Region (2012-13)
Revenue and Net Profit, CSL Ltd. (2009/10-2012/13)
Net Sales and Net Profit, Octapharma AG (2010-2013)
Research and Development Expenditure, Octapharma AG (2010-2013)
Global Blood Plasma Market Forecast (2007-2017F)

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List of Tables

Constituents of Blood Plasma
Recovered plasma vs. Source plasma
Output per Liter of Plasma
US Medicare IG Reimbursement Rates
A1PI Products
Long Acting FIX & FVIII under Late-Stage Development
Extended Half Life rFVIII Agents
Extended Half Life rFIX Agents
Global Fractionation Capacity and Throughput, 2014E
New Patient Registrations in the Worldwide Bleeding Disorders Market (2008-2013E)
Global Availability of NMEs (2012)
rFVIII Product Pipeline
Global Plasma Product Sales by Company (2010-2013)
Global Ig Sales by Company (2010-2013)
Dependent & Independent Variables (2007-2013)
Correlation Matrix
Model Summary - Coefficient of Determination
Regression Coefficients Output


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