The Do it Yourself Tips of Laminate Floor Installation

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When you wish for having wooden floor buy you don’t have enough money for it, since it is so expensive, laminate flooring can be the best thing to save your dream. Laminate flooring has the look of wooden flooring, but it has a price like carpet. When you have saved your money to buy more expensive flooring, why don’t save yours for having laminate floor installation? These tips will help you figure out how to lay your wooden laminate flooring in your house on your own.

The first thing to start laminate floor installation of course, you have to pick the laminate flooring first from the store to your house, right?! Next is the measurement time. It can be very annoyed if you set for the most perfect measurement. One thing that you should remember is leaving the 3 inch width for the gap in your measurement. Then, place the wooden laminate flooring in your room for at least 48 hours before it’s installed. This action has a purpose to match the room temperature with the wooden laminate. Some people make a mistake when they will have laminate floor installation by installing it directly. It can make the flooring buckling.

While you are waiting for the laminate floor installation, you can do another action which is cleaning the molding of baseboard. The laminate flooring is better to be installed above the hard surface, such as vinyl. It also means that you should the subfloor as well. After the subfloor is cleaned, the next action of laminate floor installation is installing the underlayment to clean the layer from debris or nails. You can use a knife to do it. Using underlayment will make the floor become more durable rather than if you don’t do it. Then, it is time for installing the laminate flooring. There are confusing instructions among the flooring manufacturers to install it facing the wall or against the wall, it’s up to you actually but if you decide to have laminate floor installation against the wall, increase the width of the gap.

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