Jackpot 6000 Peli

Searching for a way to spend some high-quality time in front of your computer? Forget about reading the news, checking the weather conditions in your area, or looking for an appropriate outfit for your daughter's birthday.

Such activities take a lot of time and they may not be that pleasant as playing a browser game. Therefore, we recommend players a more fun way for spending their spare time, which is connected to playing browser games.

And not just any browser game, but Jackpot 6000 Peli, an arcade game developed by Net Entertainment and destined to those who like fun challenges, and also money. Yes, with Jackpot 6000 Peli, anyone can supplement their income, because this is a casino game that allows you to win important amounts of money.

Obviously, in order to win, you need to bet. Jackpot 6000 is a 3-reel virtual slot machine that requires a minimum bet of one coin and a maximum bet of 10 coins. The jackpot in this game is represented by 6000 coins; from there, the name of the game.

Although the minimum and maximum bets are established by the game itself, the amount of money placed as a bet is 100% established by the player. Users have the possibility to choose from four potential values of a coin: €0.10, €0.20, €0.50, and €1.

To set the coin value to one of the aforementioned values, users have to click on the symbol of the coin that they see in the bottom left corner of the screen. The selected value will then appear in the lower part of the screen, next to the available amount of money the user still has.

If a user places a winning bet, he will win the payout according to the pay table. Jackpot 6000 also uses Jokers, as well as other game features to allow users to win more and faster. To learn the rules of the game, users are invited to visit the official website of the game.

This digital slot machine game has several playing options, such as Heads or Tails, the options that doubles the bet, if the user wins it, and Supermeter, that gives players the possibility to win on 2 Jokers, anywhere on the reels.

The version of this game played for money allows users to win the jackpot. The fun version, however, does not provide this possibility, nor the chance of seeing your game history. To experience all of the advantages of such game, the recommendation is to try the version that allows you to win real money.

But, since no player should enter a battle without having the right weapon, users are firstly invited to develop their skills by playing the fun version of the game. In this case, an amount of €5000 (virtual money) is offered to the player, along with the possibility of playing the game for as long as he wants.

Looking for a fun way to relax and make some money, at the same time? Try Jackpot 6000 Peli, a simple arcade game with very straightforward rules that can be played by any adult who loves casino games. Jackpot 6000 can be played for free on our website.