Local church seeks to reach a generation online


March 16, 2014 -- Crestview, Fla.—In a time when everything is going online, First United Methodist Church in Crestview is truly meeting people where they are. Led by Pastor Steve Warren and Pastor Brandon Dasinger, the church is preparing to revamp their online presence to reach out to the younger generation. They intend on doing this by not only redesigning their website, but also by using Facebook and Twitter in a novel way.

Beginning in April, the church is planning on using the hash tag #askFUMC during the services. Whenever a member of the congregation has a question for the pastor during the sermon, they can pick up their tablet or smart phone, log in to Twitter or Facebook, and ask the question. By attaching the #askFUMC hash tag, the church staff can find the question and pass it along to the pastor who can answer it in real time during the sermon.

“The average age of the Crestview community is 32, and we really think its time to aggressively go after that demographic ” said Paul Hinton, Outreach Minister for the church. “when you see them, and others that are younger, in a worship service, it’s guaranteed that they will look at their cell phones at least once. Why not use that to our advantage?”

First United Methodist Church is a family driven congregation committed to bringing the heart of Christ to Crestview. With a ministry that has lasted for over 100 years, they have three services that reach out to all demographics in the community. For more information, you can contact them at (850) 682-2018.