(TRAVPR.COM) INDONESIA - March 25th, 2014 - Not content with a short one or two week holiday in Bali. there is a growing trend of families looking to move to Bali on a permanent basis.  Many families have one parent working overseas and are looking for an attractive place to base themselves and for their kids to go to school. Some families have a parent who is on a "fly-in fly-out" (FIFO) work roster, while others have online businesses which can be operated from anywhere in the world.  

There are now many international schools operating in Bali, catering to a range of different nationalities.  There are schools teaching Australian, French and British based curriculum and of course the world famous "Green School".   

So, how can people know where to start planning such a big move?  Mike Henry, who has lived in Bali himself since 2009 has written a timely guide to help such families.  Titled, "The Expat Family Guide to Moving to Bali", the book aims to help families plan their move, with information on: visas, health, schools, health insurance and finding accommodation.  

Get plenty of tips and advice for living in Bali and hear from other family's experiences who have already made the move.  Living in Bali can be very different from than visiting on a holiday.  The book highlights many of the positive aspects, as well as the negative, such as crime and common scams.